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Conflict Resolution

About Conflict
Index of About Conflict

What is it?

Role of Perception

Why We Avoid Dealing with Conflict

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Common Problems
Index of Common Problems

Dealing with Someone Unwilling to Negotiate

Addressing Power Imbalances

Managing Impasse

Multi-party disputes

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Simulations, Exercises & Resources
Simulations & Exercises


8 Steps For Conflict Resolution

1. “Know Thyself” and Take Care of Self

2. Clarify Personal Needs Threatened by the Dispute

3. Identify a Safe Place for Negotiation

4. Take a Listening Stance into the Interaction

5. Assert Your Needs Clearly and Specifically

6. Approach Problem-Solving with Flexibility

7. Manage Impasse with Calm, Patience, and Respect

8. Build an Agreement that Works

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