Connecting The Dots… with the Better Integration

Today I surprised to see Google’s strategy to integrate their search  with Google ads. Whatever I am searching on Google, behind the scene Google record and analysed my search behavior  and serving me ads according to my latest search….

I am adding some print screen to show it step by step.

1. My yesterday search history


2. I went on to read an article. I am seeing ISACA (COBIT sponsoring. governing  organization) ads on Forbes!!!

3. I went on FastCompany and I am seeing same ISACA (COBIT sponsoring. governing  organization) ads on FastCompany!!!


4. I used another browser, where I was not already login in Google, Visited same page but getting different Google ads…. (Not sync with my latest search history) and surprisingly serving Google Chrome ads!!!!! Which means, please download Google Chrome browser free!

So Now I understand that if I am already login on Google and visiting any website on the Internet then I will see Google ads as per my latest search history.

Use Google services free!! Search on Google will always free!!! Everything is free from Google but……………with the very innovative and strategic business model…. to make money!!!!!

By the way……. I am also thinking to innovate some services like that…….

Ideas, suggestions, comments are always welcome….





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