“The first and best victory is to conquer self.”

— Plato
Greek Philosopher


Are you ready for the excitement of a challenge? You can meet this challenge at home and in your office. Further, you will gain immense satisfaction every time you successfully meet the challenge of self-discipline.

The Technique of Self-Discipline

Stand before a mirror. Look deeply into your own eyes and then read the thought-transforming passage found on the next page out loud to yourself.

Look into your eyes with love, concentration, and good will for yourself.

Do not strain or try to be fierce. Instead, focus on your own eyes with discipline and your very best wishes. Look into your eyes after you say each sentence and clearly consider the meaning of each of these intentions. Feel free to pause as long as you like between each of these sentences. You may wish to repeat one of them several times before going on.

You may also wish to read through the passage from your easy chair or during a break in your office activity. However, it is best to begin the day before your mirror and have a deeply meaningful focus on self-discipline.

Your Speech of Self-Discipline

“No more!
will random events dominate or tyrannize my life! To my utmost I’m going to have the discipline to carry through with all my commitments. I will keep the appointments I make. The ideas which I have chosen to incorporate will actually be incorporated. When I say I’m going to rest, I will rest.

I’ve decided to be a more loving person so I’m going to give of myself. I’m going to pay more attention to my loved ones. When I commit myself financially, my word is good. When I make an error or fall short, I will face what I’ve done and do my level best to make amends.

Furthermore, I will do something extra just to underscore the intensity with which I seek to be in control of my life. As of this moment, in every circumstance, I will be a person who can be counted on. I will not let others down. I will not let myself down.”

Similarly with this physical body. I’m going to train it to be helpful in my life. I’m not going to let its weakness or laziness dominate the important things in my life. My body is an important part of my overall being. I recognize its importance and will keep it well and fit. At the same time I require my body to be still when I want it to be still and vigorous when I choose to be active.

Furthermore, I’m going to practice these three techniques: a) self-discipline; b) introspection; and c) devotion. I’m going to read them, study them, and, when I choose, I’m going to practice them often, and well. I’m not going to allow outward circumstances, in any way, to tyrannize me or keep me from the goals I have chosen, the path I have selected. Enough is enough!

I am now and henceforth responsible and in charge of this life, and I appreciate the power within me to develop and richly enjoy self-discipline and its benefits.”

“You Can Count On Me”

In your self-discipline you’ll be a most refreshing person to know. You will also find yourself becoming more conscious, with added vitality and magnetic personality. Also, please note, you can practice self-discipline any time — night or day.

Please remember also to be good to yourself and not make unfair demands on yourself or your body. Have good will for yourself and all concerned. The clue is to be a constructive person and not a destructive one.


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