Team Leader and Team Management

Now days, I am listing much more about controlling, project management from the team leaders. By the controlling team, by managing project, can any one be an effective team leader? I think we can manage projects, property but we can not manage and control to the people or team member in that way.

Project management, team controlling is just like brain of the business. We can establish systems, create rules and operating procedures, and put into place incentive programs and the like. Management, however, is about the business, not the team/people; the people are important as a way of getting the job done.

Leadership skills provide the direction, degree of commitment, while management skills or controlling provide the systems that let companies grow with success.

Setting direction is different from setting goals. A goal is concrete and measurable: “We must finish this project by next Tuesday.” Direction is broader. Team Leaders influence team members, set direction with motivation and principles that embody the team’s direction and values.

Keep in mind that team leader easily lose sight of the big picture (direction, degree of commitment, motivation, Emotional intelligence etc.) when they get caught up in project’s daily details, DTS etc. As Team leader, we must know how to bring them back and make sure they will work effectively.


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