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What is MBA?

MBA Woh Hai Jo Aksar Phasta Hai
Interviews Ke Sawaal Main
Badi Companiyon Ki Chaal Main
Boss Aur Client Ke Bawaal Main

MBA Woh Hai Jo Pak Gaya Hai
Meetings Ki Jhelai Main
Submissions Ki Gehrai Main
Teamwork Ki Chatai Main

MBA Woh Hai Jo Laga Rahta Hai
Schedule Ko Failane Main
Targets Ko Khiskaane Main
Roz Naye-Naye Bahane Banane Main

MBA Woh Hai Jo
Lunch Time Mae Breakfast Karta Hai
Dinner Time Mae Lunch Karta Hai
Commutation Ke Waqt Soya Rehta Hai

MBA Woh Hai Jo Pagal Hai
Chai Aur Samose Ke Pyar Main
Cigeratte Ke Khumar Main
Birdwatching Ke Vichar Main

MBA Woh Hai Jo Khoya Hai
Reminders Ke Jawaab Main
Na Milne Wale Hisaab Main
Behtar Bhavishya Ke Khwaab Main

MBA Woh Hai Jise Intezaar Hai
Weekend Night Manane Ka
Boss Ke Chhutti Jaane Ka
Increment Ki Khabar Aane Ka

MBA Woh Hai Jo Sochta Hai
Kaash Padhai Pe Dhyaan Diya Hota
Kaash Teacher Se Panga Na Liya Hota
Kaash Ishq Na Kiya Hota
Aur Sabse Behtar To Ye Hota
Kambakht MBA Hi Na Kiya Hota

Note: Sory , I don’t like to sentiments hurt of anybody


Team Leader and Team Management

Now days, I am listing much more about controlling, project management from the team leaders. By the controlling team, by managing project, can any one be an effective team leader? I think we can manage projects, property but we can not manage and control to the people or team member in that way.

Project management, team controlling is just like brain of the business. We can establish systems, create rules and operating procedures, and put into place incentive programs and the like. Management, however, is about the business, not the team/people; the people are important as a way of getting the job done.

Leadership skills provide the direction, degree of commitment, while management skills or controlling provide the systems that let companies grow with success.

Setting direction is different from setting goals. A goal is concrete and measurable: “We must finish this project by next Tuesday.” Direction is broader. Team Leaders influence team members, set direction with motivation and principles that embody the team’s direction and values.

Keep in mind that team leader easily lose sight of the big picture (direction, degree of commitment, motivation, Emotional intelligence etc.) when they get caught up in project’s daily details, DTS etc. As Team leader, we must know how to bring them back and make sure they will work effectively.

MBA from ICFAI – New journey for self actualization

I started my MBA in international business for self actualization. It was the master motive. My basic and meta needs are fulfill now so I am trying to ‘actualization’ myself with  full personal potential. It was my desire, not a driving force, that could lead to realizing one’s capabilities. So I am trying to adopt following in my life.

  • Embrace reality and facts rather than denying truth.
  • Spontaneous.
  • Interested in solving problems which may include personal problems or the emotional conflicts of others.
  • Accepting of themselves and others and lack prejudice.

Why this blog?

Relationships are the essence of life. I believe that knowledge sharing and good relationship can make a bridge for success. So please contact me at I look forward for strong professional relationships for sharing our ideas, growing our career with linkedin community.

My interest’s areas are following

1. Latest web technology Ajax, Flex, Blog etc
2. Effectiveness of latest web technology in India
3. Project Management
4. Research & Planning
5. Effective communication

With warm regards
Ram Chandra Srivastava